Colombia performing well in green economy but receiving small recognition

Colombia is one of the leading performers when it comes to combating climate change, but fails to be recognized as such, according to the recently released Global Green Economy Index (GGEI).

The bi-annual index shows the performance of 60 countries in terms of climate friendly policies while also measuring how these countries’ energy policies are perceived.

Colombia, measured for the first time since the index’ first edition in 2.010, is among the top 25% of countries with the highest performance.

In terms of energy efficiency, Colombia even ranked fourth only topped by Sweden, Costa Rica and Denmark.

“Colombia’s high performance is driven by  a strong result on the efficiency sectors dimension due to its utilization of renewable energy and commitment to advancing sustainable tourism,” said Dual Citizen Inc., which carried out the survey.

However and this is relatively common for developing countries,the South American nation is not recognized for its efforts and ranks no higher than 41 when it comes to its perceived greenness.

Colombia greatly outperforms expert perception rankings on the Ggei, suggesting the need for better outreachand communications about the country’s green merits and opportunities.

Berny Polanía

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