Auctions Bogota opens with Obregón , Rhodes and Villegas

The capital of Colombia had a network of museums and galleries , but lacked the auction house for the steps to follow epicenters of art , such as London and New York. Until today, when it opens in Bogotá Auctions Chico Museum .

To understand the strategy of the project, how it will impact the industry of local art and what their role in the national economy , LR spoke to Benjamin Creutzfeldt , one of five partners ( the other investors are José Darío Gutiérrez, Camilo Chico, Timothée de Saint Albin and Pilar Cabrera ) . 

It will also be the official "hammer" at the inaugural event , today at 8 pm .

Creutzfeldt , English and German , is masterfully sinologist of Arts in Asian history at SOAS , University of London , author and editor of several articles , books and art catalogs . 

He is also a lecturer of contemporary art in Bogotá , Boston , Beijing , London and Berlin. 

He worked for five years as auctioneer recognized auction houses such as Christie 's, London , and participated in sales in King Street , South Kensington , Hong Kong , New York , Stuttgart and the Schloss Herblingen in Switzerland. 

He is currently professor of Cesa in Bogota and company manager Keramis .

The expert would not discuss the investment required for Auctions Bogotá , but the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá records of an initial $ 50 million .

How did it contribute to the visual arts industry in Colombia the opening of the first auction house ?

Auctions Bogotá make more fluid the art market in the country. 

An auction house facilitates the purchase and sale of works of art and various collectibles . 

The most important thing is that the entire business process is given in a public manner and according to established rules .

How did it contribute to the country's economy an auction house ?

It is difficult to quantify the value of art and antiques market in Colombia , but an auction house accelerates and increases the cash flows in the market industry significantly. 

The project came at a good time because analysts Tactic Art ( London-based market research ) reported last year that the trends in sales of modern and contemporary art at auction were positive in all regions of the world, except in America America. 

At the same time , the trend of confidence is 24 % ( among the highest in the world). 

This analysis is understandable if we consider the case of Colombia , where there is an open and public platform for the art market .

I think the most important asset an auction house is contributing to the visibility of the local art market .

Speaking of movement of the market economy and who or who benefits a Home Auction ?

It is of benefit to all actors in the market for art and antiques and extends beyond. 

Firstly because it facilitates and accelerates market movements . 

If an investor wants to liquidate their assets collector can do it quickly , responding to the changing values ​​of the national and international market. 

The same will happen to a family who has inherited a collection which has no great emotional bond and prefer to sell it. 

Or collectors who want to sell items that do not interest them so much and prefer to buy new parts. 

There are also gallery owners who want to move pieces for which buyers have found in years.

The auction house is a large window to a large audience and is therefore attractive .

Since this type of movement , of course is a great benefit for the economy, because it is an alternative investment , with international visibility, and spontaneously regulate market prices .

Are you ready to Bogota an auction house ?

Only know by trying. In England the auctions have a history of over 250 years and are still the main market for trading related art and antiques . 

They also serve as thermometers of this market and the economy in general. 

In China the first auction houses in the late 1.990s and to the extent that art emerged as a destination for private and institutional investments were opened, auction houses reflected the growth of the U.S. economy . 
In Latin America economies as diverse as Mexico and Venezuela have auction houses , so I do not doubt that Colombia Bogota and I are ready to learn and indulge in this activity.

What is the age of an auction house ? And if you see Public Colombia for these events ?

The public auction of a house is as diverse as its society. 

Naturally , as with movie stars and billionaires , the media focuses on the highlights , the " outliers " , but to run the business needs to engage all types of buyers . 

As happens in other countries, where they are connoisseurs and beginning collectors , art gallery owners who know and who know the players bet . 

People with good taste and little money off rich people, art students and designers looking for a great work for a project.

In Colombia there are other groups for auctions , but not yet very familiar with the game .

How much has been invested in Bogotá Auctions ?

What can be noted is that the five founding partners , who make the team are the only investors.

Each of the founders are committed to the company and have contributed so much economic social and intellectual capital . 

Our interest is not to mount a sale or two , but to create a company that offers the service of central intermediate in the local art market , which gives confidence and that will be accompanying the sellers and buyers in the next five , ten and twenty years to form the central part of the growth of industry and trade of the decorative arts in the country.

How this can be profitable auction business in Colombia and how it works ?

An auction house charges a percentage of the hammer price of the item to the seller (commission) , and another percentage to the buyer (premium ) .

The commission is confidential and may vary as the premium is public and added to the hammer price . If a work is not sold, the auctioneer earns nothing .

Auctions grow with the market in which they operate . 

The major challenge is to understand Auctions Bogotá rules (particularly the premium ) and build confidence in our company and items that offer on behalf of our vendors.

We know that we will be the first auctions very profitable , even if they are successful.

How many auctions organized by year?

We plan to organize four to six auctions in 2.014 and about 10 in 2.015. 

Everything depends on the objects and collections that come to us in the coming months .

For now they will start at the Chico Museum When will they be in their own space ? What are the tentative locations where they will be located ?

Now consider the Chico Museum offers the advantages of space and location in the city to mount both exhibitions and sales . 

These same issues , will determine when defining its own headquarters , which will come when we have a good sales pace .

Hotels and rented space to conduct the auction , In Hong Kong for example significant sales in only two or three weeks a year, why the big houses like Sotheby's and Christie's only maintain offices and warehouses are located.

The first house opens in Bogotá But are thinking of expanding the project to other places recognized as art capitals in the country as Cartagena?

Bogotá is a major center for the economy and the arts and antiques market in Colombia . Clearly not the only one, so most likely it is that in the future, representatives in other cities.

If offered for sale a collection of great local importance , as the content of a historic home , we can consider organizing auctions outside Bogota .

How are the works to be auctioned choose , when it comes to visual arts and how other parts auction ?

The selection of parts for each auction is held by the expert in charge and his team. 

First, sell the pieces to offer people around the country, can be inherited or bought parts for some time, whose value has increased.

What works or pieces will be auctioned in the first section of Bogota Auctions ?

In the first auction oils on canvas and watercolors, prints and photographs, sculptures in stone and metal , multiple artistic expressions of modern and contemporary period in Colombia and other countries in the region will be auctioned .

In future auctions we include furniture and decorative objects , antique cars , jewelry, watches , ceramics and others.

How does art in general in Colombia ?

There is a strong tradition and enormous creativity in the arts and crafts in Colombia , but are not sufficiently known in the country, or the outside . 

Few visitors going to the Museum of Modern Art or the Botero Museum , and this is due to lack of education and knowledge , which obscures this type of work .

As for education , auctions play an important role. Works by important Colombian artists (except for Fernando Botero ) sold poorly in America , because the names of the artists are not well known internationally .

Import value goods to Colombia , even if they are of domestic origin , represents a major tax expenditure and the country limits the flow of their own national heritage. 

Auctions Bogota aims to be a catalyst of the art market and we want to increase the fluidity of it.

How does the antiques business in Colombia ?

There are galleries of great knowledge in antiques , are usually great collectors , but unfortunately very few in the country and so is therefore difficult to sell parts with that cut.

An auction house has more range than a store or even a fair. As is the case in London and New York, we hope to create a symbiotic relationship with the gallery in the country.

What industry recognized guests will accompany the inauguration ?

We have wide appeal among collectors , gallery owners, interested in art , business , big industrialists, banks, fans and the general public , including through media nationally and internationally. 

Those interested in participating can do so in person or if you prefer , through representatives , by telephone, or written offers . We will see who is present today.

What does it mean for Colombia is Bogota Auctions and the world ?

Auctions Means Bogotá is a platform for buying and selling that fits international markets , helping to define objects and prices determine the market value. 

It gives greater visibility to the Colombian market in art and antiquities, and therefore gives more confidence to foreign investor or collector.

What will be the most expensive artists who will be in the first auction ?

The most expensive artists are Alejandro Obregon, Armando Villegas , Juan Antonio Rodas . Artworks around $ 40 million .

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